Emulsifiers: Sucragel AOF – facial moisturizer recipes

Sucragel AOF is a great emulsifier for moisturizers because you can load it with oils and butters and still keep that thin consistency. Let’s take a look at a basic recipe for a facial moisturizer. BASIC FACIAL MOISTURIZER MADE WITH SUCRAGEL AOFOIL PHASE5% Sucragel AOF24.5% oils0.5% Vitamin E WATER PHASE65.5% distilled water, hydrosols, or aloe … Read more

Emulsifiers: Sucragel AOF – more complicated recipes

We can create some pretty complicated recipes using Sucragel AOF with minimal heating, so let’s take a look at a base recipe then some variations. COMPLICATED RECIPE USING SUCRAGEL AOFHEATED OIL PHASE5% Sucragel AOF3% cetyl alcohol5% cocoa butter OIL PHASE17% oil of choice or combination HEATED WATER PHASE12% aloe vera11% hydrosol of choice0.5% allantoin WATER … Read more