Formulating and creating lotions: The new e-book is here!

Thank you to everyone who offered their suggestions about the new e-book! It’s finally here – Formulating and Creating Lotions! I’ve designed this to be a second level lotion making e-book with information for those of us are experienced at making lotions and wanting to start formulating our own emulsified products from scratch. I have … Read more

Experiments in the workshop: Facial cleanser with a ton of extracts – modified

I know I’m always going on about only switching one ingredient when you make a product, but when I’m in the workshop, I get a little ingredient happy and tend to change a whole lot of things at once! This is kinda what happened here with this somewhat unappealing looking facial cleanser. But seriously, try … Read more

Question: Can you use green tea powder in lotion bar recipes?

In this post, Aicha asks: I love matcha green tea powder! Can this be used in lotion bar recipes? The short answer…no. The long answer…yes, but not the powder. Green tea powder is a fantastic addition to our products (click here for the PDF on the topic!). It’s full of catechins, anti-oxidants, caffeine, proanthocyanidins, and more, … Read more