Experiments in the workshop: Behenyl alcohol in a lotion

I decided I’d try behenyl alcohol in place of cetearyl alcohol in this recipe – the rice bran oil based hand protector cream I made as a duplicate of the Body Shop’s hemp hand protector cream for my husband. The original recipe is a very thick lotion that feels slightly greasy going on your hands, … Read moreExperiments in the workshop: Behenyl alcohol in a lotion

Creating products – end of the series and what’s next!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on creating products! Keep those helpful hints coming! I’m moving on to review some new ingredients I’ve bought and experimented with in the last few months. We’ll start tomorrow with behenyl alcohol and take a look at some new surfactants, some new emulsifiers, and other ingredients! I have to … Read moreCreating products – end of the series and what’s next!

Creating products: Labels!

We don’t necessarily think of labelling our products as being an essential part of product creation, but when you accidentally use mentholated foot lotion as a facial moisturizer, you’ll realize that we must label everything! Original post from January 24, 2010…Why you must label everything!  Look at the picture to the left. Look at the … Read moreCreating products: Labels!

Creating products: Packaging and preservation

Originally posted on October 14, 2010… I’ve written a lot about packaging in the past, but I’d like to share with you a study I read recently on the value of packaging and preservation. When we’re packaging our products, we need to think of the end user, how she will treat the product once it … Read moreCreating products: Packaging and preservation

Creating products: Alternatives to bottles!

Original post from July 14, 2009…Alternatives to bottles!  I know a malibu or tottle bottle isn’t really an alternative to a “bottle” because we consider them to be a bottle, but they are a fantastic way to package hair care products, surfactant systems, and lotions. They’re also cheaper than using a pump bottle for thick … Read moreCreating products: Alternatives to bottles!

Creating products: Packaging – too many choices!

Packaging our products is more than just putting them in a pretty bottle! We have a few things to consider, such as what we’re packaging in the bottle and what kind of plastic we need for specific products. Here are two posts from the past to give you some things to think about when it … Read moreCreating products: Packaging – too many choices!

Creating products: Cool down phase

We’ve chosen a good recipe, we’ve assembled our ingredients, we’ve heated and held, and we’ve mixed! It’s time to add the cool down ingredients.  What do we put into our cool down phase? (Click here for the original post.) We put in the ingredients that might be sensitive to heat, such as our silicones (cyclomethicone … Read moreCreating products: Cool down phase