Why did I buy that fruit extract? Strawberry

Happy first day of summer! I guess there’s no better way to celebrate summer than to talk about fruit! Fruit extracts offer so much to our products – phytosterols, polyphenols, vitamins, flavonoids, and anti-oxidants – and they sound lovely on a label! Just think about it for a moment. Peaches and cream, raspberries & apricot, strawberry … Read more

Junk Science

I followed a link from the Dish to a blog post at Dot & Lil’s blog and arrived at this article by Joseph Schwarcz in the Financial Times written for Junk Science week called “That Lipstick on his collar is safe“, which is Dr Joe’s response to the Dirty Looks book (which I haven’t read, for … Read more

No post today!

I hate colds! I turn into a grumpy, whiny, snivelling mess unfit for human consumption! For this reason, I shall likely be post-less for the next few days. I realize this last month or so has been really chaotic, but it's almost back to normal. If you, my wonderful readers, can indulge me for another … Read more