Conditioners: Very light leave in conditioners with cationic polymers

We’ve already seen what cationic polymers like honeyquat or polyquat 7 can do for a shampoo, so let’s take a look at using these as leave in conditioners suitable for fine hair or children’s hair. The cationic polymers are less conditioning than the cationic quaternary compounds like BTMS-50 or cetrimonium bromide, but they can offer … Read more

We be camping!

We’re on a four day road trip of super holiday camping fun, leaving this morning for the wonderful Potholes State Park near Moses Lake, Washington and returning late on July 1st. We’ll be enjoying some fire roasted food, lots of swimming, a short trip for shopping in Spokane, a lot of Dungeons & Dragons, and … Read more

Conditioners: Modifying the leave-in conditioner with extracts or hydrosols!

Extracts and hydrosols in your leave-in conditioners can offer anti-inflammatory, anti-irritancy, anti-oxidant, film forming, and moisturizing benefits to an already awesome product! We know our botanical ingredients can have awesome benefits in a rinse-off conditioner – which ones could we choose for a leave-in conditioner? Well, most of them would be suitable – check out … Read more

Conditioners: Modifying the leave-in conditioner with Incroquat CR.

Okay, so we’ve seen how we can include BTMS-50 and cetrimonium bromide, so why not make a leave in conditioner with Incroquat CR? We’ll be getting more into using Incroquat CR alone in a detangling product shortly, but we can include it in our leave-in conditioners to add more anti-static and softening properties. As with any … Read more

Conditioners: Modifying the leave-in conditioner with cetrimonium bromide

So how can we modify a leave-in conditioner? We looked at the basic recipe yesterday, and we’ve already tweaked this to include oils, so what can we do next? Let’s try using another cationic quaternary compound! Cetrimonium bromide is a great cationic quaternary compound for those of us with damaged hair. Let’s use that as … Read more