Handmade Christmas presents – more chocolate and candy!

Yep, there’s even more you can do with chocolate once you’ve learned the basics of chocolate making… PAINTING WITH CHOCOLATEFor visual instruction, click here!You can paint in your molds to create chocolates with different colours. For instance, you can create a cute present chocolate (like the one in the link above) by painting the bow … Read more

Handmade Christmas presents – chocolate!

Everybody doesn’t like something, but nobody doesn’t like chocolate! And it’s the perfect gift for Christmas! It’s easy, it’s fun, and if you make a mistake, eat it! MELTING THE CHOCOLATEChoose the chocolate wafers from somewhere like Superstore or Price-Smart – get a lot, you’re going to need it. Do not use a regular chocolate … Read more

Handmade Christmas presents — bath & body products

Continuing with the idea of a wonderful handmade Christmas, may I suggest making your own bath & body products? They’re cute, they’re smelly, and people like to bathe (well, most of the people I know like to bathe!) BATH BOMBSThese are super easy if you follow the instructions properly. Bath bombs are made with citric … Read more