• Lisa Harman

    Thank you very very very much for this post. Very helpful as always. I started using this winter a product with HA and wow did I see a difference (but it did have a ton of other stuff too but I think that is it).

  • Thais Defalco

    Thanks for the information, I made up the gel using water, Germall plus and HA and use it in my recipes at 10%. I bought the High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid from Lotioncrafter without realizing high molecular weight won’t penetrate the skin like the low molecular weight one would. I also saw they have a Ultra low molecular weight HA and I was wondering if it’s a better option than the LMW. I figured if the LMW Hyaluronic penetrates better due to molecular size then the ULMW one will penetrate even better but I am not really sure that’s the case.
    Another quick question: where can I find the rest of the cosmeceuticals series on the new blog? I looked and looked and can’t find the post at all (I read posts part 1 thru 3 on the old blog but can’t find the rest of it or the recipe with the cosmeceuticals anywhere. I became a patreon subscriber so now I can see all the posts but I’m still a little lost.

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