• Kelley Foreman

    I’m really interested in making lip balms with humectants in them with either Cupuacu butter, leviathan or lanolin. My stumbling block is finding a lip safe preservative!

    • Allison H.

      Hi Kelley, I’ve been hunting around for a lip-safe preservative for a lip scrub, and while looking at ingredient lists for popular products noticed that phenoxyethanol is sometimes used. PhytoCide Elderberry is oil soluble and also safe in lip products (I’m assuming as much because the manufacturer has a sample formulation with it used at 2% in a lip plumper).



      • Kelley Foreman

        That just might be the product I am looking for! And I’m just about to pull the trigger and order some Cupuacu Butter and make a Lotioncrafter order, too. Thank you!!☺️

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