• Danuta Kilar

    Very similar to my hair serum, I just did not use Calendula thank you

  • Kelley Foreman

    I can’t help it, Susan. Products like this make me crabby! Don’t even get me started on certain essential oil companies and their promotion of pseudoscience!

    Thanks for the duplication, though! If I ever need even greasier hair, I’ll give it a shot!😋

  • Katherine Cabacungan Ahrens

    Hi Susan… thank you so very much for the walk-through of your thought process when formulating a duplicate product…. I grow calendula to use in the water phase of the cream I make to deal with my eczema (works better that the topical flourinated corticosteroid usually prescribed to treat my eczema flares!) . I also use infused oils in some of my soaps….. In a 1:5 ratio of calendula to apricot kernel oil, does that mean I’d need to infuse 20 grams of dried calendula flower in 100 grams of apricot kernal oil to achieve the desired concentration of Calendula Flower Oil? I wish I knew how to attach the picture I’ve of my calendula flowers I’d drying on my front porch; it’s really a pretty sight to see! ❤, k

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