Discussion: What are your goals and hopes for 2018?

As you know, I’ve been asking for more participation and engagement, and one of my goals for 2018 is to create a space where we can connect and share. So to foster that sense of community, I thought I could start some of these discussions or open thread where we could share our thoughts, techniques, fails, successes, formulas, and so on. Since it’s the start of a new year, I thought we could talk about our hopes for this year! (If you have an idea for a discussion, please share it!)

What are your resolutions for the year? What are your goals? What do you hope to accomplish or stop doing? What tools do you have or do you need to make these things happen? 

I went a bit into my hopes for 2018 in the Welcome to January post (Patreon only), so it’s your turn to share!

  • Kelley Foreman

    My goal is to develop and test (as scientifically as possible!) a skin care line.

  • Marcela St. Onge

    One of my goals for 2018 is to build my first official “Formulating Workshop!” From those of you who’ve already climbed this mountain – is there anything you wish you would have done differently? Or any sort of time saving addition you wish you would have added in or accounted for? Maybe something cool you dream about adding, but don’t have yet?
    I’ve been making products and formulating in my kitchen and have finally had enough. I need more counter space, more plug-ins, and OMG – more storage space!! I would really appreciate any suggestions you’re willing to share!!

    • My biggest wish is for a sink at the right height for me so I’m not bending over in a weird way when I need to wash dishes. (My dad built it for my mom, who was barely 5 feet, while I’m almost 5 foot, 7.

  • Lisa Nakonechny

    One of my goals is to make some really effective anti-aging serums/creams/lotions for my wrinkled up 50 year old face that needs attention badly. Also some good eye creams for the same face. I also want to design a cleanser and a moisturizer for my teen daughter with a little acne.

    • Marcela St. Onge

      I’ve been on Lotioncrafters all morning going through the TON of anti-aging options trying to decide what to put in mine lol. We share a common goal!

    • Peggy

      I want to make anit-aging face creams/serums too! I have very uneven skin tone, with some age spots and lots of redness, so my top priority in a face cream is something that lightens and evens out my skin. I also want to learn how to make hair styling mousses/gels/products. This is one area I haven’t seen much information on.

      And a on-going, constant “goal” of mine is to not accumulate too many craft supplies! Lotion making is only one of my numerous hobbies and I’m trying to limit and contain my interests!

      • Lisa Nakonechny

        I hear you about containing one self!! I already have a fully stocked soap business and now I’m branching out! Husband, be afraid!! 😉

  • Becky Spann

    My goal is to finally make a proper lip gloss that’s vegan!! I’m also planning to start my own patreon so I can work on more of my arts and crafts, and I’m planning to get it started this month! 🙂

  • CharKirtland

    Starting to get the ‘hang’ of this fun and fabulous hobby! Learning to control myself when ordering new ingredients is a New Years Resolution!! My problem is I want to try everything! Also, learning more about hair shampoos and conditioners–my first steps were not winners! Much to learn (which is the fun part–learning from failures and rejoicing in the triumphs!) Would love to create moisturizers/lotions with cold process emulsifiers (Zen/EMT 10/Aristoflex) that do NOT feel tacky!! I do not know why–but my creations seem to have a sticky/tacky feel which takes quite a while to absorb (frustrating!).

    • Peggy

      All of the lotions and gels and I’ve made so far with Zen and Aristoflex feel sticky as well. And like you, my hands remain sticky for too long afterwards. I’m almost thinking these types of lotions aren’t for me, but other than the stickiness I love the skin feel.

      • CharKirtland

        I know Peggy! What I have been seeing in many ingredient lists of products that I like is that there is still hot process emulsifiers and that the cold process emulsifiers are used as a secondary emulsifier. So, I’m experimenting with doing the same. I’ll let you know how my ‘experiments’ turn out!

        • Peggy

          Hi CharKirtland! I’ve tried combining Simusol 165 with 0.5% Sepimax Zen in a few lotions and I really don’t like the skin feel. It makes my skin feel really, uncomfortably dry. I thought it might be something else, like propanediol 1,3 but I’ve tried with other ingredients and it still feels the same. I think the Simusol 165 is the main culprit causing the dry feeling (at least on my skin) and the Zen compounds it. So I need to try a different hot process emulsifier I guess, but my favorite is BTMS 50 which you can’t combine with Zen. In one post Susan mentioned Penstia power really decreases the sticky feeling, so I’m going to try that next with Aristoflex (but I have to buy some first, and I was just there…). I think I might try Aristoflex with BTMS50, I’m not positive you can combine those but I think you might be able to. I’ll let you know my further experiments as well!

          • CharKirtland

            I just tried making a facial lotion with Lotionpro 165 (which I believe is the same thing as Simusol 165?) with .5% of Zen. It turned out really well. I used FCO and Squalane (as I didn’t want a daytime moisturizer with actual oils), together with a tidge of Stearic Acid and 2% Cetyl Alcohol, in the oil phase, and used Sodium PCA, Panthenol, Niacinamide, NAG, Propenadiol, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Silk Amino in heated water phase and multiple Extracts (Olive Leaf, Edelweiss and Grapeseed) in the cool down. It turned out really well!

          • Peggy

            I’m glad that turned out for you! I tried a hand lotion with Simusol 165 (I think it is the same as Lotionpro 165), 0.5% Zen, FCO, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, Shea Butter (20% oils total), sodium lactate and dimethicone and I find something about it painfully drying to my skin. I wonder if adding cetyl alcohol and stearic acid would help the skin feel? Maybe I should try that next…

          • CharKirtland

            Peggy, maybe we should ask Susan! Haha! I can’t see how that combo would be drying–but I am surely not an expert!

          • CharKirtland

            Oh, and I didn’t use Sepimax Zen–rather, I used Sepinov EMT-10. So sorry. I always mix those two up!

          • Simulsol 165 is the same as Lotionpro 165! That’s such a strange reaction to that lotion – not judging, just thinking! – so I’m wondering what else you could do here? I’m wondering if you might want to add more humectants and cetyl alcohol as an oil free moisturizer. I’m on a too-many-humectants kick, and I’m finding them just awesome in combination. I use 3% glycerin, 3% sodium lactate (60% concentration, liquid), 3% propanediol 1,3, 2% panthenol, and 2% sorbitol right now and my skin is actually damp because it’s drawing so much moisture to my skin. It’s ridiculosly decadent and hydrating. I wonder if this would help? (If you’re ordering from Windy Point, they have Simulgreen 18-2 in now, which is just lovely!)

          • Peggy

            Thanks Susan! I think I’ll try adding some cetyl alcohol cause maybe that will help with the skin feel, and I’ll try some more humectants too. Thank you for all of your awesome information which has given me the ability to try these things and to experiment! And I live in Calgary and I’m going to add Simulgreen18-2 to my Windy Point list, along with Varisoft EQ 65 and Penstia power and and…

          • CharKirtland

            Thanks Susan! I made the day facial lotion and found it just right for my ‘maturing’ skin. I am steering away from glycerin lately–but used much of what you listed in my lotion. I must say that the skin feel is moisturizing. Have been using the cold process emulsifiers as a ‘secondary’ as I just have not had luck using these as the only emulsifier (too tacky/sticky). But, I found that these give a nice cushiony feel if used as a secondary.

          • It’s a great idea to use things like ZEN or EMT-10 with lotions! They offer a lovely cushioned skin feel, and make it possible to do things like use electrolytes. I’m preparing a series on using carbomers and gels and cold emulsifiers for the near future!

          • Lisa Harman

            This is a really neat idea. I never thought about doing this but I’m so happy CharKirtland shared this and talked about it and your talking about this too. I’m going to write this in my notes! (I study so much before I make my first stuff plus that gives me more time to understand and save $$$$ to buy more product for the fun fancy stuff 🙂 )

  • Krista

    Hi Susan!! I am a new “cosmetics” crafter but in a matter of a few months I have filled out a shelf with (useable amounts of) so many amazing oils, additives and the like 🙃 my goals are to READ, PRACTICE, and LEARN. I have been crafting with my 13 year old daughter, and I am loving her embracing the science. Shampoo and conditioner (for colour treated, thick long hair) is my muse at the moment.

  • Kim Catania

    My 2018 goal is to stop buying skin care and hair care products and make my own.

    • What a great goal! What can we do to help you reach it? (As an aside, I remember realizing one day that all but one of the products I used that day – deodorant – and all the clothing I was wearing – except my bra – I had made. It was a great day!)

      • Kim Catania

        It is really exciting! The video that was shared on conditioners was wonderful. If we could have more videos like that one – that would be wonderful. Next on my list of products to tackle are Shampoos, Conditioners, Body Washes and Deodorant.

        • I’m so glad you found the video helpful. That was a trial run for what we hope will be more videos in the near future. I am leaning more towards a Facebook Live kind of idea where people can ask questions as I’m doing things rather than a tutorial video. What do you think?

          • Kim Catania

            I think Facebook Live would be great! The only question would be can you restrict viewing to just Paterons on Facebook if you wanted to? I’m not sure. Also due to time differences I would also look into recording the session and post it for others to view later if they couldn’t make it or missed something the first time out.

  • Allison H.

    One goal is to try and approach my formulations with an eye towards aesthetics. Often, what I make is not packaged attractively, and my cold process soap is, well, a bit on the ugly side! I know looks do not affect the effectiveness of a product, but for me, if I could learn new techniques to color my soap or package my products it would mean that I am continuing to learn and develop my craft.

    • Camirra Williamson

      I agree with this! I have started to do this as well. It keeps me from being tempted by the store bought products in the “shiney” packaging lol. aesthetics do matter to me I have come to realize

  • Allison H.

    Was just thinking of my most important goal surrounding formulating–to be a part of a supportive community! I have no one to formulate with offline, so often, I honestly feel a bit isolated when creating or contemplating formulations, especially since I love to share with others what brings me joy, and thus far, I haven’t really been able to do this. Collaborating and sharing online gives me this opportunity, and I vow to be more involved and be less timid in sharing questions and thoughts. Thank you so much Susan (and community!) for being a part of my journey :-)))

    • cari anderson

      I so agree with you! This will be fun having people to talk with about ideas, successes and also failures, trying to learn from each other.

      • I’m so excited, too! I’m feeling so energized by all these comments and watching people connect and share!!!

  • cari anderson

    My goal for 2018 is to get myself back into making my own skin and hair care products. I had started a couple years ago while living in Europe, had to stop about a year ago to relocate back to the US for a new job, and finally I feel settled enough in work and personal life to have time to get back to what I love the most. The fun part will be that now I have easier access to more ingredients that I could only read about before! I’m pretty excited! I’ve already re-made my old favorite recipes for facial cleanser, facial moisturizer and toner and now I’m ordering some ingredients (with that convenient 7% discount!) to try shampoo and liquid hand soap (the two things I am almost out of now). I also want to go back through your “Newbie Tuesdays” (was that it?) that I didn’t get to participate in. Yay!!

  • Preetiz

    My goal is to devote more time to my DIY hobby (research, formulating, etc) and hopefully have enough skill by Christmas to be able to give my friends and family personalized cosmetics 🙂

    • Great goal! What are you trying first?

      • Preetiz

        For my first 2018 project I’m probably gonna try to replicate one of your shampoo bars, since I want one so badly for myself also its an easy, package-free gift option! 🙂

  • Betsy

    I hope to finally start selling my products – I have to work a job and have a husband with health issues – I have a formula for a wonderful hair conditioner and I’m narrowing down to choosing a facial cleanser – perfecting my elevator pitch, completing labels, I could go on….

  • Sima

    My goal is to learn how to make skin care, hair and make-up products and to have my daughter who has autism learn to make them with me.

  • Tash Grace

    Graduating university for starters! I’ll finish my double degree this year and already a little iffy about my future.

    Beyond that I hope to take my business to the next level with the products I offer, and am looking to learn more about formulating.

  • patti swift

    My goal this year is to try to make lotion for the first time while still dabbling in bath bombs and bath salts.

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