New e-zine! This isn’t your father’s shaving book: Men’s products (part one), and a new e-zine for my Patreon subscribers

I’ve just put out my men’s e-zine, This isn’t your father’s shaving book (part one), if you’re interested in purchasing it. Click here for the table of contents or click here to buy it!

Click here to see all the e-zines I’ve put out this year as well as my e-books!

I put these e-zines or short e-books of 25 to 40 pages out every month for those who subscribe at my Patreon page for $10 or more. Then the next month, you’ll see them here for purchase. I’m also basing some of the classes I’m offering at Voyageur Soap & Candle around the e-zines like the Gels: Ooey Gooey Fun class and the Bath Time Fun Class!

I’ve just posted my new e-zine, Green & Natural Emulsifiers, for download for my $10 Patreon subscribers, which is downloadable today. I take a look at four emulsifiers – Simulgreen 18-2, Montanov 68, Ritamulse SCG, and Natragem EW – as well as natural preservatives.

It’ll be available in mid-January 2017 for sale in my e-book and e-zines link.

Click here to see the table of contents.

As a note, all the money raised by the sale of these e-zines and Patreon goes directly to me and my family. The proceeds from the e-books still goes 100% to the youth programs my husband and I run called Rated T for Teen. I really wanted to make that distinction. 

Thank you for your continued support of this blog! You’re all so awesome!