Extracts & hydrosols

What exactly is an extract? (updated)

How do we use powdered extracts and hydrosols in our products? (updated)

Extracts: Powder or liquid?

A big summary of how to use extracts (updated)


Aloe vera liquid  (updated)

Aloe vera – using 100x or 200x concentrated powder (updated)

Apple extract (updated)

Banana extract

Calendula extract (updated) – NEW! – oil soluble

Calendula extract – NEW! -water soluble

Chamomile extract (updated)

Chrysanthemum extract (updated)

Comfrey root extract (updated)

Cucumber extract (updated)

Date palm extract

Ginseng extract (updated)

Grapeseed extract (updated)

Green tea extract – caffeine

Green tea extract – Proanthrocyanins

Green tea extract – tannins

Green tea extract – other stuff

Green tea extract, oil soluble (updated)

Honeysuckle extract (updated)

Horsetail extract (updated)

Horse chestnut extract (updated) – scroll to #9


Liquorice extract (updated)

Mallow extract (updated)

Marshmallow extract (updated)

Orchid extract (updated)

Papaya extract (updated)

Pineapple extract (updated)

Rosemary extract (updated)

St. John’s Wort extract (updated)

Strawberry extract (updated)

  More about strawberry extract

White willow bark (updated)

Witch hazel (updated)


Other extracts

Acai biofunctional botanical liquid

Multifruit BSC


Corn starch

Modified starches, like Dry-Flo – overview (updated)