Accessing Patreon only posts and downloading e-zines

Accessing Patreon only posts and downloading e-zines

If you’re having trouble accessing Patreon only posts, please read this process. Please only follow this process, not any other one you may have seen on this blog or on Patreon.


Here’s an important thing to note: If you delete your pledge, it means you’re no longer on my list of patrons. You do not show up on any lists anywhere as a patron. You are invisible to me. (This something that happens when you delete your pledge, not something I can control.)

This means you may not have access to the posts any more, and it means I can’t message you. This last part is important as I send out the links to the e-zine every month via Patreon message, so those who delete their pledges before the day I sent out that message may never see it.

This also means that your email address isn’t exported from Patreon to the e-books & courses store here on the blog so you can’t access the e-zine that way as the store has no idea you exist.

If you are a subscriber who has deleted their pledge but are still eligible for the e-zine for that month, please to write to me to remind me you’re entitled to it and I will happily get it to you.

I need to make this abundantly clear – I am not out to screw you out of anything I have promised to you for your subscription to the blog. I do not want to keep you from seeing Patreon only posts or receiving e-zines. I want you to get all of those things, but – and I can’t make this clear enough – if you delete your pledge, you’re invisible to me and I have no way of contacting you.

I hope this information helps you get access to those things you should have as a subscriber to the blog. We are working on creating a better system that isn’t Patreon, but it takes time. We’re taking in all your suggestions and listening to all your frustrations to create this system, and I’m asking you to please share your thoughts around what we could do better as we have no idea there’s a problem until you tell us.

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