Hair chemistry & hair care products

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You can find posts on surfactants and how to use them on this page in the resources tab – Surfactants! 

Chemistry of our hair!
An overview of the chemistry of our hair (updated)
The hair strand: Medulla and cortex (updated)
The hair strand: Cuticle (updated)
Follicle and growth rates (updated)
Straight, curly, and frizzy hair types (updated)
Virgin hair (updated)
The definition of good condition (updated)
Quick summary of damaged hair. (updated)
Chemically processed hair. (updated)
Mechanically processed hair (updated)
Grey hair (updated)
African hair types.  – as there’s a large comment section, here’s the old blog link
How conditioners work! 
Adsorption and substantivity of conditioners (updated)
What the heck is build-up? (updated)
Fine hair (updated)
A short post on dandruff.
Why CP soap doesn’t work as shampoo. (updated)
Which oils are good for hair?
What make a hair product colour-safe? (Color safe for my American friends!) – updated
What pH should our conditioners be? – updated

Shampoo specific posts
How shampoo works on our hair. 
Formulating a basic shampoo.
Instructions on making shampoo. 
More detailed instructions on making shampoo. 
Things you’ll find in shampoo other than surfactants. 

Shampoo recipes
Instructions for making shampoo.
Formulating a regular shampoo.
Clarifying shampoo for all hair types (updated)
Modifying the clarifying shampoo into a conditioning shampoo (normal hair recipe)
Conditioning shampoo for dry hair.
Conditioning shampoo for oily hair.
Conditioning shampoo with SCI for dry hair.
Conditioning shampoo with SCI for oily hair.
Creating a daily use shampoo.
2-in-1 conditioning shampoo for dry hair.
2-in-1 conditioning shampoo for normal to oily hair.
Shampoo bars – an overview.
Shampoo bars – a visual tutorial.
Conditioning shampoo bars for dry hair.
Conditioning shampoo bars for oily hair.

Conditioner specific posts
What is a conditioner?
Defining the different types of conditioners. 
Basic recipes for conditioners.
Instructions for making conditioners.
Humectants and frizz in conditioners. 
Adding slip to conditioners using fatty alcohols. 
Adding slip to conditioners using oils or butters.
Adding slip to conditioners using esters. 
Using silicones in rinse-off conditioners. 
NEW How to replace BTMS-50 with BTMS-25.

New conditioner recipes
Basic conditioner recipe with hydrosols. 
Conditioner recipes with hydrosols and extracts. 
Conditioners with hydrolyzed proteins. 
Conditioners with coconut oil. 
Adding oils to rinse-off conditioners. 
Adding oils to leave-in conditioners. 
Adding butters to intense conditioners. 
Basic leave in conditioners with my favourite recipe. 
Modifying the leave in conditioner with Incroquat CR. 
Modifying leave in conditioners with extracts and hydrosols. 
Very light leave in conditioner with cationic polymers. 
Conditioner recipe with information on each ingredient. 
Leave-in conditioner recipe. 
Intense conditioner.
Coconut oil in hair products with a dry hair conditioner recipe.
Coconut oil in a leave-in conditioner
Using honeyquat in rinse off and leave-in conditioners
Adding slip to a conditioner with oils
Adding slip to a conditioner with esters
Adding slip to a conditioner with fatty alcohols
Intense conditioner recipe with olive oil
Winter hair custard with avocado oil and shea butter

Solid conditioner recipes
Solid conditioner bar recipe. 
Solid conditioner bar with visual tutorial. 
Solid conditioner bars (revisited)

Conditioner recipes with cetrimonium bromide
Basic recipes for conditioner with cetrimonium bromide
Modifying the recipes for cetrimonium bromide based conditioners
Leave in conditioner

Cream rinse recipes
Basic cream rinse recipes and information. 
Modifying cream rinses. 

Detangler and anti-frizz products
Anti-frizz spray with silicones. 
Detanglers using cetrimonium chloride
Detanglers using Incroquat CR
Detanglers using Amaze XT

Styling products
Creating a hair styling gel with carbomer