Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat! Here are some present ideas…something that ends with “-at”

As I gather information on what you want to know, I thought I’d post a few Christmas present ideas. Creating Christmas presents – bath bombsCreating Christmas presents – bath saltsCreating Christmas presents – whipped buttersLast minute project ideasProjects for those new to bath & body creationsSubstituting when crafting Christmas presents Christmas in Swift’s workshopTeen girl … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: Covering up medicinal hydrosol smells? How long does Vitamin E extend a shelf life? What is rosemary extract – anti-oxidant or preservative?

COVERING UP MEDICINAL HYDROSOL SMELLS IN A TONER?In this post, Making a toner for the oily skin type, Lynda asks: I made the toner recipe above and I don’t like the way it smells. I love the scent of fresh rosemary, but the brand new rosemary hydrosol I opened to make this has a medicine smell … Read more