Weekend Wonderings: Decyl glucoside in laundry detergents and greasiness of coconut oil in lotions with a quick note about e-mail

In this post on decyl glucoside, Mandy asks: Does anyone know if there is a powdered form of decyl glucoside? Or, is there another powdered surfactant that would work well as a laundry detergent?  I wouldn’t take the chance, to be honest. I know a few people who have ruined their very expensive machines by making … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: Using salicylic acid without alcohol and making a face cream absorb better

In the Weekend Wondering post, Topher asks: I want to create a 2% salicylic acid toner without alcohol. I noticed that in your toner recipes you do not use alcohol, yet the SA is completely dissolved. How do you do this?  To be honest, I use white willow bark most of the time because I don’t … Read more