Weekend Wonderings: Why do we need preservatives in products containing water?

Is it Saturday already? Let’s take a look at some Weekend Wonderings! In the Weekend Wonderings posts, Chris asks: What exactly is the reason why products containing water need to be preserved? Or more specifically: What is it about water that makes it attractive for bacteria and all the other nasties? Just like us, microbes need … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: Adding surfactants to emulsified scrubs, solidification points of powdered surfactants, where to find SLS in Canada, and substituting surfactants

ADDING SURFACTANTS TO EMULSIFIED SCRUBSIn this post, Experiments in the workshop: Black cocoa butter emulsified sugar scrub, Stephany writes: Could I incorporate a little bit of surfactant in this to make it foamy???And in this post on facial scrubs, Stephany offers a potential recipe. (Click to see it.) An interesting thought, but no, you can’t add … Read more