Facial serum – for oily, break out prone skin

What exactly is a facial serum? The definition I’m going with today is this…an anhydrous product made up of lighter oils intended to hold active ingredients against the skin for better penetration. It is considered a treatment rather than a moisturizer – although I’d never say any product is intended to treat a condition! (I … Read more

Calendula oil!

Calendula oil is made up of about 2% palmitic acid (C16), 2% stearic acid (C18), 3.1% oleic acid (C18:1), 27.5% linoleic acid (C18:2), and 64% conjugated linolenic acid (C18:3). It’s high in tocopherols at 1,937 ppm! With all this conjugated linolenic acid (or CLnA), calendula oil is effective at reducing inflammation and improving epidermal differentiation. … Read more