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As I mentioned in this post, Huge news that will affect the blog, I miss is being a part of a community of creators, connecting with people who love this thing as much as I do, and I’m really feeling the isolation when I look for a place to recharge my batteries.

Think of every single post – new and old – as a tiny Kickstarter type thing that needs your attention to unlock the next installment. If you see part one of a post, you won’t see part two until there’s a certain amount of interaction in the form of comments. If there isn’t that interaction after a week, it won’t be posted as I’ll assume you aren’t interested that topic, ingredient, or formula. For older posts, if I see a topic that’s suddenly filled with comments or feedback, I’ll make sure I spend time on that topic again in the future. 

If you’re interested in seeing part two of the series on cosmeceuticals, share your thoughts! If you aren’t interested in it, that’s fine. I’ll move on to another topic. (The rest of that series will remain on my Patreon page as I write these things a few weeks in advance now for those subscribers.)

You don’t have to say much – share a thought about the topic; something you love or hate about the oil, emulsifier, or surfactant; write about your experiences; tell me about the fail you had with it so we can fix it; think about how you might make substitutions; share your favourite fragrance in it; or anything else you can think of – but say something. The only rule – as of this moment – is that you must do it with kindness, with an understanding that every single person who reads it, including me, is a human being who has feelings. We can totally disagree, but we do it as adults without condescension or insults.

Some of you have mentioned that you’re surprised to see me wanting you to comment as I’m probably swamped with things already. Yeah, I definitely am, it isn’t about you asking me questions and me answering them. It’s about you sharing your feelings, experiences, and thoughts. It’s about you asking questions and other people answering them. It’s about creating a community in which we support each other and provide awesome, science based information as we all take this journey together. It’s not about me as I’m just your guide to faciliate this process, but I want to learn about you and what you like, too! How can I write about things that interest you if I have no idea what interests you?

Quite a few of you have written to me privately or posted on here that it’s hard for you to comment as you’re really busy. I get that, believe me, I get that, but it would be nice to see you around here some time. If you value what I’m offering, why not make time when you’re sitting at the doctor’s office or having a coffee break or using the toilet – oh, you know you do it, we all do it! – to add your voice to the conversation? It only takes a minute, and your helpful comment might be the thing that helps someone fall in love with this craft all over again!

Finally, if you get these posts by e-mail, you won’t see the edits or updates I’ve made to them, as well as the comments from other people that might spark something in you! Please come visit the blog and be part of this community to see what you’re missing!

If you’d like to see posts from the blog a few weeks earlier or don’t feel like commenting, click here for more information on my Patreon feed. $10 subscribers get an e-zine as well as discounts from awesome shops, like Lotioncrafterbut you can subscribe at as little as $1 a month to gain access to the feed.

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